Honduras, an unspoiled paradise

Made in Honduras


This project is aimed to spread the beauty of Honduras. This country has an incredible variety of places, from some unspoiled nature spots in Pico Bonito or La Moskitia to some luxury resorts in Roatán or Tela, however the main greatness of Honduras is his people, the majority of people I've met are friendly and helpful, so let's show to the world the great people and places Honduras has!

I've been lucky enough to visit some extraordinary spots across the country and I wanted to share some of them in this website, all the pictures you'll find here are taken by me during different years visiting Honduras. I am really tired of reading and listening bad news from Honduras, so it's fair to show as well the good parts of this beautiful country.

Of course here there are only a small fraction of places worth it to show, so if you are interested in helping to grow this site with your pictures you can contact me through marciobarrios[at]gmail[dot]com

Some spots I would like to include: